Giovanni Ferraris

After having learned the art craft of goldsmith with passion, Giovanni Ferraris decided to dedicate himself to the development and production of his ideas, therefore in 1985 he founded his own company. It is not surprising that he chose to establish his factory in San Salvatore, surrounded by the lovely hills of the Monferrato near Valenza, where 80% of the Italian jewellery manufacturers are established: on one hand there is the business environment and the comparison with the business colleagues which is continuously stimulating and improving the efficiency of the productivity as a base in order to maintain and increase the growth and the quality level, on the other hand, the beautiful nature and the incredible historic culture of Italy offer unlimited hints for emotion and creativity.

At the beginning Giovanni Ferraris got specialized in the production of jewel watches, an activity which requires very high technical skills and allows him to evolve the capacities and technologies. Afterwards he shifted his abilities to the jewellery, still maintaining his love and passion for the watches. The continuous investment of Giovanni Ferraris in the experimentation and in the research and innovation, together with an excellent professionalism at all levels of the line, allow him to pay an extreme attention to the slightest detail starting from the project and the production, all completely made internally in the factory of San Salvatore Monferrato, and to  take creative steps which otherwise would not be possible to take. Behind every creation signed by Giovanni Ferraris, there are the brain and the heart, that is, the latest technology applied to the artisanal handcraft, without letting the robotization taking over on the “hand-made”.

Giovanni Ferraris is still convinced that having a complete internal production allows to find always new solutions and an accurate follow-up in order to maintain the high quality level. In this way, i.e., producing at the top level of the “made in Italy” and offering an excellent pre and post sale service, even the most demanding customer can only acknowledge the high value of the Giovanni Ferraris jewellery and watches. The communication and the dialogue as well internally as with the direct  contact to the customer allow Giovanni Ferraris and his staff to understand, study, interpret and satisfy the requests of the market as well as to stimulate the development of new  trends on a worldwide level.





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